Bonafide DME Software

Durable medical equipment is any type of medical equipment that is designed to withstand repeated use. This equipment may include wheelchairs, hospital beds, and other devices that are used to help individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions live more independently. Durable medical equipment can empower patients by allowing them to perform tasks that they were previously unable to do on their own, such as getting in and out of a wheelchair or moving from one place to another.

DME billing is a type of medical billing that is performed for the purpose of receiving reimbursement from insurance providers for durable medical equipment. DME stands for “durable medical equipment,” and it typically covers such items as wheelchairs, crutches, hospital beds, oxygen tanks, walkers and other similar devices. To perform dme billing, a medical provider must have a contract with the insurance company in question.

There are several steps involved in dme billing, starting with obtaining authorization from an insurance company for the patient to receive a piece of equipment. Once the authorization is obtained, physicians will assess the patient’s condition and order the equipment needed. The physician will then issue a prescription that details the medical need for and specifications of the equipment.

Bonafide DME software is a powerful tool that can help manage your medical devices. This solution makes it easy to track inventory levels, create reports on use and billing, and maintain the necessary documentation for your clinical and professional claims. With Bonafide DME software, you can also gain better insights into your business operations, which has a positive impact on revenue generation and profitability. Thousands of DME suppliers across the country rely on this powerful tool to streamline workflows and improve operational efficiency.