Penetration Testing Types

There are different types of penetration testing that organizations can perform. The most common and most effective ones are black box, white box and gray box.

Black-box tests are generally performed on systems or networks with which the testers have had no previous interaction. They have no prior knowledge of the system or network, so they are essentially testing it blind. This type of test is useful for discovering vulnerabilities that may have been missed in prior white-box tests, as well as identifying issues with network security or system configuration.

White-box tests are often performed on previously tested systems with which the testers are familiar. They use any existing documentation and information about the system to identify potential vulnerabilities and test for them. Because they have a deeper level of knowledge about the system, white-box tests can often be more focused and thorough than black-box ones.

Gray-box testing is a combination of black box and white box testing that incorporates some degree of both. The testers may have prior knowledge about selected systems or portions of the network, but may still not have any knowledge about specific vulnerabilities. This type of testing is often used to identify blind spots in systems or networks that may have already been tested in prior white-box tests.

There are many other types of penetration testing as well, including buffer overflow testing and denial of service testing. Regardless of the type of testing performed, the goal is always to identify potential vulnerabilities and secure the system or network against them.

Cost of penetration testing:

The cost of penetration testing will vary depending on various factors, including the size and complexity of the network or system being tested, as well as the experience and skill level of the testers. Generally speaking, black-box testing is less expensive than white-box testing because it requires fewer resources. However, many organizations choose to perform both types of testing in order to fully evaluate their systems and networks. Learn more about cost of a penetration test from TrustNet experts. 

Whether it is performed internally or by an external firm, penetration testing can be a valuable security tool for any organization. By identifying potential vulnerabilities and securing them, organizations can help protect their data, customers, and reputation.